In less than a year since its founding, the Burkean Journal is fast becoming the online publication of choice for Ireland’s best and distinctly conservative, writing, analysis and commentary.

Founded in September 2017 in Trinity College Dublin, the Burkean Journal is now a nationwide student-run conservative publication. As a non-profit organisation, our continued success is ensured only by the continued financial support of donors who believe that a strong voice like the Burkean Journal is absolutely vital to counter the tide of modern illiberalism seen in our media, academia and politics.

By supporting the Burkean Journal, you will be supporting diversity of opinion on university campuses and in Irish society, stem the leftward drift in mainstream discourse, and help to provide a serious platform for conservative thought. We accept with gratitude any and all donations, as this publication would simply not be possible without them.

Donations are completely confidential. All proceeds go entirely towards the costs of running the publication, covering server fees, web development, promotional materials, etc.

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