“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. It is not enough, in a situation of trust in the commonwealth, that a man means well to his country.”

Edmund Burke

The Burkean Journal is an online political and cultural magazine run by university students in Ireland that promotes conservative thought and ideas. Founded in Trinity College Dublin, the Burkean Journal seeks to be a nationwide magazine for all Irish universities and for Irish society in its entirety. Our aim is to provide an intellectual platform and a publishing service for students to contribute their conservative views on local and general issues that are not otherwise represented by mainstream publications on their campuses. We also publish articles from non-student writers and conservative experts in their respective fields, so as to provide our readers with the best quality material.

The Burkean Journal is named after Edmund Burke, one of Ireland’s most distinguished statesmen. His statue stands just outside Trinity College’s main entrance as a sign of respect and admiration to his life and achievements. His writings and ideas have contributed enormously to the field of political philosophy and he is considered to be the father of modern conservatism.

Part of our goal is to have a wide range of conservative spectrum — paleo-conservatives, neo-conservatives, the deeply religious and the agnostic, libertarians and social conservatives, free-marketeers and the more protectionist. We encourage debate and give a forum to the many veins of conservatism. Apart from politics, we also address wider issues such as culture, history, philosophy, literature and the arts. 


Chief Editor, Guillermo Dillon, is a 4th year studying Classics at Trinity College Dublin. Also known as Will, Guillermo is originally from Mexico. He likes to read anything related to Greek and Roman civilisations and holds a particular interest for the history and philosophy of education. In his free time he likes to smoke his pipe around college, write letters to friends and play sports, watch F.C. Barcelona, and listen to musicals.

Deputy Editor, Cormac O’Herlihy, is a 4th year studying Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. He is passionate about building bridges between those with different views. His reading interests lie in the psychology of belief and religion. His hobbies include fitness and sport. They say hope never dies, and Cormac’s hope is to one day see Tottenham F.C. win something that actually counts.

Copy Editor, Christine D’Arcy, is a Masters student in Education at Dublin City University. She studied French and Irish at Maynooth University. Christine is interested in politics, philosophy, and languages. The good life for her involves drinking her coffee black, listening to extra trashy music while running, and summers exploring new cities with new and old friends.

International Editor, Louis Hoffman, is a 3rd year studying History at Trinity College Dublin. He is currently doing an Erasmus exchange programme in Italy.

Assistant Editor, Eoin Dowling, is a 2nd year studying Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. When he is not seen in Room LG12 working on a programming assignment, he’s probably out walking his beloved dog Lola. His passions are science, scuba diving, hilwalking, Instagram and political philosophy.

Business Manager, Fergal Martin, is a 3rd year studying Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin. Particularly interested in philosophy, specifically ontology, ethics and logic. Other main interests include geopolitics, literature and the natural world. Enjoys spending his summer holidays abroad on organic farms (Spanish beaches are too boring). Hopes to one day have an organic farm of his own and convince the Burkean Journal to move its headquarters there.

Interested in Getting Involved?

The Burkean Journal is always looking for student writers and ambassadors from every Irish university and for  non-student writers who wish to write for Ireland’s largest conservative magazine. 

Contact our respective ambassadors from your university and send them your article(s) or come to one of our writers’ meetings if you would like to get involved or find out more about the Burkean Journal. 


Trinity College Dublin (TCD) / Non-Students: Meetings for writers take place every Monday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Buswells Bar in Molesworth Street, corner with Kildare Street (just a 5min walk from Trinity).                              

University College Dublin (UCD): Meetings for writers take place every Monday from 11:00am to 12:00pm at The Arts Café (Newman Building). Look for the table with one of our posters.                                                                   

Our Ambassadors

Trinity College Dublin (TCD): Guillermo (dillongu@tcd.ie).

Non-Students: Cormac (oherlic@tcd.ie).

University College Dublin (UCD): Michael (mickodc@protonmail.com).

Dublin City Univeristy (DCU): Christine (christinedarcy22@gmail.com).

University of Limerick: Sarah (sarah.burkeanjournal@gmail.com).  

NUI Galway: Seán (s.odonnell34@nuigalway.ie).

Queen’s University Belfast: Ruairi (rmcpoland01@qub.ac.uk).

University College Cork, Maynooth University, other colleges, and institutes of technology: If you would like to become an ambassador or send an article, please email info@burkeanjournal.com.